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Mar 2, 2014 6:00pm PST
for a summit in russia in response to the troops in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry will meet with leaders in the ukrainian capital on tuesday. a storm moving east is expected to bring snow and wintry mix to millions tomorrow forecasters predict six to ten inches in washington, d.c. where federal workers have monday off. now back to "caught on camera." >>> a kayaking trip becomes a nightmare. forcing four people to fight for their lives against the rising tide. >> we had a really small window to get everyone out of this tunnel or it's going to go from a rescue to a recovery. >> september 2nd, 2007. dennis riley along with his wife sue thompson and their friend claudia darrow are sightseeing along the ware river in massachusetts. >> we decided to take kayaks up the estuary as the tide was going up -- coming in, get there at high tide, and just kind of leisurely go back out with the tide. >> claudia puts down her paddle and starts taking pictures. but as she looks through her lens, she doesn't realize her kayak is slowly drifting toward a drainage tunnel called a culvert. >> jus
Mar 2, 2014 8:00pm PST
leaders today talking about the situation in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry is travel to that country's capital on tuesday. ukraine's prime minister is calling russia's military presence an act of war. >>> a huge winter tomorrow making its way to the northeast is already affecting passengers. i'm veronica de la cruz, let's get you back to "lockup." >>> behind the walls of hackensack's bergen county jail, tensions continue to rise in one of the female housing units. >> we only have about 45 to 50 women in the female wing right now. usually even with more women in there it's a lot quieter than it has been. this particular group just does not mix well. >> officers continue to monitor the group to figure out which inmates fuel the conflicts. >> one of them who is the loudest person in there, she was removed yesterday after an investigation where multiple people have said she was the common denominator. >> that inmate is shontera jennings. shortly after she was released from a four-hour stay in the neighboring segregation unit, she is back in for disruptive conduct. >> i do
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2